What do you do if you need a website?

What do you do if you need a website, and who doesn’t, these days?
What do you do if you need a website but you aren’t exactly computer savvy?
What do you do if you need to download a template, and you don’t even know what HTML is?
What do you do if you just want to upload stuff and share your artwork, but don’t want to spend too much money or not to spend any at all?

The obvious answer is to choose a computer savvy partner and then maintain a good relations with him or her.

I did it. Both.
I definitely chose the right partner who, among other things, knows everything about computers (each time I call him over the phone he replies with the words “Tech Support”), and then even managed to maintain a good enough relationship for the last 35 years (this is my lifetime record), and if I have to prove it, then he is still here for me.

So finally, when it seemed that I needed a new website, one that I, with my limited computer skills, can manage and update on my own, we took the time, joined forces and I am happy to present it to anyone “whom it may concern”.
In this first part I present samples of my artwork created during the last few years and were missing in my old website (which we brought in and can be found under “Pages” in the top menu of the site).



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